Retirement Products

Retirement Planning is Crucial to Preserve Capital and Sustain Lifestyle

Retirement Products

An alarming large percentage of individuals who reach retirement age find that they have insufficient income to sustain their lifestyles, with many being forced to return to the job market. Thorough pre- and post-retirement planning is crucial to avoid such a scenario.

NationalFed’s Retirement Products offer you the opportunity to invest for your retirementby means of the NationalFed Retirement Annuity and to preserve retirement capital in the NationalFed Pension Preservation Funds in the event of a change in employment. The NationalFed Living Annuity allows you to tailor an investment portfolio that provide a post-retirement income that suits your lifestyle.

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NationalFed Retirement Annuity

“Invest early to fully benefit from the power of compound growth.”

The key to successful retirement investing is to start early in life and benefit fully from the power of compound growth.

The NationalFed Retirement Annuity Fund is a personal retirement plan which enables you to save tax-efficiently for retirement. It is an ideal way to supplement your existing pension or provident fund if you are currently employed and earn non-retirement funding income; or build a retirement nest egg if you are self-employed.

NationalFed Pension Preservation Funds

“Building retirement savings to prepare against uncertain employment climate.”

During the course of your working life, there will undoubtedly come a time when you change employers. At this time it is vital that you consider your retirement capital. Growing the capital and preserving the tax status of this investment can substantially enhance your post-retirement benefits.

The NationalFed Pension Preservation Fund is suited for people changing employment, and who already built up retirement savings as a prior member of an occupational pension or provident fund.

NationalFed Living Annuity

“Post-retirement planning is the provision of adequate capital.”

The primary objective in post-retirement planning is the provision of adequate capital. The level of income you draw to sustain your desired lifestyle and the potential growth of your investment portfolio are key to ensuring that you do not exhaust retirement assets.

The NationalFed Living Annuity provides post-retirement income upon retiring from a retirement annuity, pension, provident or preservation fund. A suitable investment portfolio can be created from the NationalFed range of unit trust funds, allowing for the annual withdrawal of between 5 to 20% of the value as income.

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