NationalFed Private Client Program

Managing, Protecting & Growing High Net Worth Family Wealth.

NationalFed Private Client Program

The NationalFed Private Client Program is a comprehensive wealth management service available exclusively to high net worth clients and their families. Part of the Private Client Program, the NationalFed Portfolio Architecture Service (PAS) is comprised of two components:

• Tailored, Tax-efficient Asset Management

The NationalFed Portfolio Architecture Service is a dedicated managed money program for clients with a minimum of $500,000 investable assets. Using proprietary, pension-style.

• Private client Tax and Estate Planning Services

A complete wealth management solution integrates top quality portfolio management with professional tax and estate planning suggestions. The Private Client Group has retained NationalFed’s Tax and Estate Planning Services to provide sensible wealth management ideas to NationalFed Private Client Group investors. NationalFed Private Client Group clients are offered the opportunity to receive a complimentary, personal Tax and Estate Summary Report covering major issues affecting their overall tax and estate situation. This report is based on a detailed questionnaire and is prepared by our own NationalFed Tax and Estate Planning Services.

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