Multi-Investment Link Fund

Control & Risks Limitation Through Strategic Diversification

Multi-Investment Link Fund
Investment objective

Achieve short-term capital growth by investing in precious metals, bonds & financial markets

Fund mandate

Precious metals futures & cash arbitrage

Spot FX transaction & CME futures market

US short-term Bills & Bond Yields

Asset allocation

Funds Weights As of 15th February 2009
Currency Arbitrage: 50%
Bills & Bond Yields: 20%
Precious Metals Future & Cash Arbitrage: 30%

Return objective

18% over a period of 12 months

Risk of monetary loss

6% over a period of 12 months

Recommended term

12 months and longer

Target market

Investors who are in their wealth buildup phase and require little income yield in the short term

Investors seeking exposure to the precious metals, bonds & financial markets

Investors who are able to withstand short-term market fluctuations in pursuit of maximum total returns over the short term

Fee structure (excl. VAT)

Subscription fee: 2%

Income distribution

12 months

Lock in Period: 12 months (early redemption penalties apply)


1 share: $100.00
Minimum: 200 shares or $20 000.00
Additional: 100 shares or $10 000.00

Fund category Currency Arbitrage
Bills & Bond Yields
Precious Metals Future & Cash Arbitrage
Subscription date

15th Day of the month
Initial Offer Price: $100.00

Multi-Investment Link Fund

With the end of 2008 marks the beginning of the arduous process of re-aligning the global financial markets from the aftermath of the meltdown, caused mainly by the collapse of the U.S. financial sectors. Governments have begun issuing stimulus packages to cease further deterioration by encouraging spending in order to kick start the economic recovery. This crisis looked set for a long haul but it is not without opportunities or potentialities.

“Control & Risks Limitation Through Strategic Diversification.”

HCB Trust Ek. för., in association with National Federal Capital Ltd., addresses these issues with the launch of a new investment portfolio called “Multi-Investment Link Fund” (MIL fund). This program primary objective is to participate in the layout of precious metals, bonds and the latest global financial markets through a diversified portfolio of strategies to control and limit risks, thus ensuring asset protection in the pursue of absolute growth.

For a more detail discussion on how you can benefit and invest in the Multi-Investment Link Fund, please contact your respective financial advisor.

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