Investment Linked Fixed Deposit

Active & Strategic Fixed Investment on Fundamentals to Yield Returns

Investment Linked Fixed Deposit

This new product, Investment Linked Fixed Deposit was introduced by HCB Trust Ek. för. in association with National Federal Capital Ltd. to provide investor with a fixed medium to long-term (minimum between 2 to 5 years) capital growth, whilst also protecting the underlying Fund’s asset base, through active management.

Active & Strategic fixed investment on fundamentals to yield returns.

Our main strategy is to utilise NationalFed’s fixed interest investment philosophy, process, rigorous research and analytics approach to each prospective investment, in which NationalFed has undertaken, to determine the potential of the investment.

This provides returns through the management of interest rate exposure, yield curve positioning, and sector and security selection. This strategy is based on fundamental economic and security analysis.
For a more detail understand how Investment Linked Fixed Deposit works, kindly contact a financial advisor for more information.

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