Global Anticiflation Fund

Principal Protection with Fixed Term Return is the Residue of Reclassification Management

Global Anticiflation Fund
Investment objective

Deploy low risk medium terms strategic distribution to capitalise on time frame

Fund Objective

Secure principle appreciation
100% principle guarantee and returns
Online banking fund management
ATM global cash withdrawals

Asset allocation

Global Equities   : 40%
Bond and Interest Rates   : 20%
Foreign Exchange (Spot & futures)   : 20%
Precious Metals Index   : 10%
Energy Index   : 10%

Target Return

6% over a period of 12 months

Risk of monetary loss


Recommended term

12 months

Target market

Investors who seek a medium term investment with 100% principal protection

Fee structure (excl. VAT)


Income distribution

12 months

Lock in Period: 12 months (early redemption penalties apply)


Minimum Investment   : $50,000.00
Subsequent Investment   : $10,000.00

Fund Open Period

1st July 2008 till 30th September 2008

Fund Information

Fund Manager   : National Federal Capital Ltd.
Fund Advisor   : Hudson Global Capital Ltd.
Banker   : HSBC Plc.
Trustee & Manager   : HCB Trust Ek. för., Sweden.

Global Anticiflation Fund

The greatest fear and enemy of every investor is Inflation.. With the slow down of the global economy, coupled with the increase in price of energy and basic food produce, these have greatly increased the pressure on inflation. The movement in the price of energy, mainly cruel oil, has adversely widen the scope of inflation and this in turn has affected the investment climate worldwide, and has made it even more challenging for investor. Investors are at a loss as to what to expect and when to invest. .

The Global Anticiflation Fund (GAF), which is managed and supervised by HCB Trust Ek. för., Sweden,(Trustee) in association with National Federal Capital Ltd. (NFC), aim to provide investor with a medium term investment tool and at the same time a flexible management style to protect the clients’ principal investment.

“Principal Protection with Fixed Term Return is the Residue of Reclassification Management.”

This fund will use the most sophisticated forward trading system to capitalize, monitor and take advantage of the movements in the global market place. The Fund Manager will deploy low risk medium terms trading strategy distribution to capitalize on the time frame based on different spreads and option expiry to achieve the targeted return for our clients.

Utilizing fixed returns investment principle and procedure; detail analysis of every investment taken, together with basic fundamentals of economics and equity diversifications as our foundation, we will seek to use returns reclassification management to provide returns on investment coupled with fixed returns reclassification and equity selections.

This fund shall have full principal protection with fixed term returns, furthermore, there will not be any management fees or commissions paid for this fund; it is your best investment choice.

For a more detail discussion on how you can benefit and invest in the Global Anticiflation Funds, please contact your respective financial advisor.

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