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Our ultimate goal is to deliver superior returns for our clients

Unparalleled Portfolio Management Expertise

The founders of National Federal Capital Ltd. are all ex-Independent Financial Advisers who specializes in offering portfolio management services to private and corporate investors. They have combined their experience and skills with a number of fund wholesalers to design, construct, oversee and market, suitable portfolio solutions to the IFA marketplace. The ethos and approach to product design continues to reflect an appreciation of the requirements of IFAs and their clients.

A Distinctive Investment Approach

National Federal Capital Ltd. was one of the pioneers of thematic investing and this has been fundamental in delivering consistently strong performance in both rising and falling markets. Thematic investing identifies themes and trends that are influencing, or are likely to influence, economies or stock markets across the globe. It is not an approach that can be achieved by individuals. All our investment personnel sit within close proximity to one another and work as a team. The collegiate culture at NFC encourages individual thinking and this ideas-based approach is crucial in identifying the companies that offer the very best prospects for growth.

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A comprehensive wealth management service available exclusively to high net worth clients and their families.

Fund Performance

The funds are constructed to meet specific risk/return objectives and are managed with a flexible mandate.

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