National Federal Capital Ltd

We have a single aim, to increase the wealth of all our clients

National Federal Capital Ltd

We have a single aim, to increase the wealth of all our clients

Established in 2002, National Federal Capital Ltd. (NFC) is an independent and privately owned financial services group based in the West Country, whose principal activities are the retail of boutique branded retail unit trusts through the Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) sector and the management of third party funds on behalf of other financial institutions.

As a subsidiary of HCB Trust Ek. för., NFC offers a unique range of financial strategies and an innovative support service specifically designed for IFAs. We offer advisers innovative product plans; risk graded portfolio-style funds that investors can understand; financial strategies designed to assist investors with real income and/or tax challenges; and, very specifically, our experience as a leading provider of IHT mitigation solutions.

Our Company has developed a user friendly range of products and services that are clearly client-centred and easily administered by IFAs. The NFC approach provides IFAs with infinite flexibility in designing client portfolios and strategies to meet their individual needs. Remuneration is designed to realistically reward IFAs for the services they provide to clients and to build real value into their businesses.

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The funds are constructed to meet specific risk/return objectives and are managed with a flexible mandate.

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